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Fargo 94051 Lamoinator for HDP6600


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Fargo 94051 Lamoinator for HDP6600

Faster is better.
The HDP6600 produces high definition badges using HID innovative iON technology for image transfer and lamination. The iON or “instant on” technology rapidly heats the transfer roller allowing the unit to reach optimal operating temperature in just seconds, expediting the entire retransfer printing processes. Other lamination models can take up to five minutes to initially heat up. With the HDP6600, the unit is ready to produce high-quality cards and IDs in under 60 seconds — virtually eliminating that all-too-familiar long wait for the first card. This can mean your first card is ready up to 80% faster than your current printer and can save you up to 20 hours in wait-time per year!

High-volume performance.
Designed to meet the high volume needs of large corporations, universities, health care facilities, government agencies and service bureaus, the HDP6600 includes support for high-yield, full-color ribbons — keeping costs at a minimum with reduced downtime to maximize productivity.

For greater system capacity, an optional 200-card input hopper is available.

The HDP6600 innovative wasteless lamination technology, eliminating the need for the standard carrier film and take-up core included in most lamination consumables on the market today. As the only desktop-based retransfer on the market to offer advanced wasteless lamination technology, the HDP6600 can substantially reduce high-volume laminate materials costs by as much as 40%. Beyond consumables cost savings, wasteless PolyGuard™ LMX overlaminates* extend the life of your cards by providing the highest level of card coverage protection available.

Contact us to request a quote or configure a high speed HDP6600 for your application. For a limited time, we will be offering a trade in credit for your old printer so be sure to specify what model you are currently using!




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1 in stock