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Privelio XT credit card printer


Privelio XT credit card printer

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Instant issuance of embossed financial cards

  • Privelio XT from Evolis is capable of instantly issuing embossed credit and debit cards. Its multiple card feeders enable the personalization of various preprinted designs within a unique system. With Privelio XT, card issuance is ultra secure and complies with the security guidelines of international banking standards:
  • The patented Kineclipse® process masks any residual sensitive card holder data left on the printing ribbon,
  • Electromechanical locking system prevents access to the cards, ribbon, and internal parts of the machine,
  • The Evolis Mosaic SDK and the embedded PC card allow secure communication with existing information systems.

Quality and reliability

From complete printing of cards in color to monochrome personalization of pre-printed cards, Evolis solutions produce a high-resolution graphic finish in just a couple of seconds.

Privelio XT provides dedicated encoding features for full payment card personalization (magnetic stripe, EMV contact and contactless chips).

Reinforced security

Electromechanical locking system

Personalization ribbons, blank card stocks and rejected cards are all secure through the electromechanical locking system (with single or double access control) of Privelio XT.

Masking process of any residual sensitive card holder data left on the printing ribbon

Patented Kineclipse® innovation:

  • masks the residual data left on the printing ribbon after the cards have been printed,
  • Removes the need for destructing printing ribbons, no sensitive data can be compromised, event in case of theft attempt of the printing ribbons and facilitates their disposal.

Secure communication of banking data

The built-in PC card of Privelio XT systems makes the flow of card personalization data inaccessible to ill-intentioned individuals.


Multiples designs

Privelio XT enables to print and encode credit and debit cards featuring embossed characters on the front side of cards and/or indenting on their back side. It allows many personalization possibilities of pre-printed or blank cards. Privelio XT offers in standard into a unique system:

  • 3 100-card feeders to facilitate the stock of your pre-printed or blank cards to suit your customers’ needs 2 printing modules to personalize on-demand your cards in color or monochrome (black, green, red, blue, gold, silver) 1 bezel for single insertion to satisfy specific demands and can offer to your customers having a personalized card design.
  • 1 embossing and indenting station for embossing characters on the front side and indenting for example a CCV code on the back side.

Remote control

The Evolis Mosaic server allows Privelio XT to be managed on a network without requiring the installation of a computer next to the system.

On-demand configuration and smooth integration

Evolis Privelio XT system is fully customizable, simple to install and to operate. Financial institutions now have the solution that require less training for their staff.

Open integration system

Evolis printers have already been qualified and integrated by many independent instant issuance software providers. Compatible with all conventional smartcards, our solutions can interface easily with your systems thanks to the SDKs provided.



3 in stock