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Evolis Avansia Lamination card printer-S0720010




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The Avansia Lamination system combines retransfer printing technology and lamination to create high-quality and secure cards.

Avansia Lamination is ideal for customizing identification cards to meet the needs of large companies, organizations and governments.

This system is ideal for producing:

  • Student ID cards,
  • Military or police ID badges,
  • National ID cards,
  • Driver’s licenses,
  • Access control cards,
  • Social security cards.

High performance

Avansia Lamination prints perfectly over-the-edge and generates with 600 dpi resolution:

  • images,
  • text
  • and watermarks.

Avansia Lamination’s retransfer technology can customize all types of cards including those with uneven surfaces, such as smart contact and contactless cards.

Increased productivity

With an output of more than 130 single-sided color cards printed and laminated per hour, Avansia Lamination stands out for its high productivity.

Thanks to the large capacities of its card feeder, output hopper and consumables, Avansia Lamination can print and laminate cards without interruption.

Durability & Security 

The laminating module laminates single or double-sided cards providing protection that lasts for up to 10 years.*

Avansia Lamination creates secure cards that meet all types of needs. This system is capable of printing in high definition:

  • UV elements,
  • micro-text
  • and 2D codes in high definition



5 in stock