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Nigachi NC-6060 UV/MG/WM/MGF Counterfeit Money Detector


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Nigachi NC-6060 UV/MG/WM/MGF Counterfeit Money Detector

– LED Ultraviolet light detects security threads
– Fluorescent fight for watermark verification
– Built-in magnifier for micro-print verification
– Equipped with magnetic sensor to detect magnetic features
– Rechargeable lithium battery inside for portable usage (optional)
– Works for all currencies, cheques, passports, credit cards, etc.


Ambient temperature: 0-45°C
Ambient humidity: ≤85%
Power Supply: 5V/2A
Power Consumption: ≤6W
Net Weight: 0.5Kg
Dimensions: 202x106x105mm

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5 in stock