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Nigachi NC 20 Mix Money Counting Machine


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Nigachi NC 20 Mix Money Counting Machine


  •  Value counts mixed & sorted banknotes
  •  Latest 7-fold counterfeit detection
  •  High-speed counting (1,200 notes/min)
  •  Batch counting & add functions
  •  Suitable for polymer & old banknotes
  •  Export count report to a PC (free software)
  •  USB update port (free currency updates)
  •  Counts sorted banknotes for all currencies
  •  Full colour display with quick menu
  •  Sort function can detect rogue denominations
  •  Top cover opens for cleaning
  •  External display, dust cover & maintenance kit
  •  Compatible with the ZZap P20 printer

Mixed Denomination Value Counting

Simply place your unsorted (or sorted) banknotes on the hopper and the NC20 Pro will automatically start counting. The NC20 Pro scans & reads denominations in any orientation. It will display the total value & quantity counted and also report the breakdown per denomination. The NC20 Pro also has the capability to count vouchers, tickets and sorted banknotes in any currency.

Installed currencies:

  • GBP – British Pound Sterling (English banknotes only)
  • EURO




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2 in stock