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Magicard Mono Black Ribbon Endura MA1000K


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Magicard Mono Black Ribbon Endura MA1000K

Genuine Magicard MA1000K-Black black (K) monochrome resin ribbons are 1-color resin ribbons used for printing text and one-color line art on single- or dual-sided cards.

Please note: Black (K) monochrome ribbons need to be used to print readable barcodes.

Magicard card printers require specially designed, tested, and approved consumables to ensure high quality output. Magicard MA1000K-Black black ribbons offer the best performance and extended lifespan for your printer. Magicard recommends cleaning your printer after each ribbon change.

The Magicard MA1000K-Black ribbon has been tested and approved by ISEGA for food contact certification. It verifies that materials used in this ribbon are safe when used on printed plastic ID cards potentially in contact with food, like those in a grocery store or food market.

Did you know that Magicard MA1000K-Black ribbons have a shelf life?

Monochrome ribbons typically have a shelf life of up to one year, when stored under the proper conditions. Ribbons that are not properly stored, and are more than one year old, will not print optimally and will likely end up costing more in maintenance and more money in reprinting cards.

As an authorized Magicard reseller, ID Zone guarantees that our genuine Magicard MA1000K-Black black monochrome ribbons are stored properly and are always ‘fresh’.




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5 in stock