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Kobra Energy Saver Shredder 25 Sheet


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Kobra Energy Saver Shredder 25 Sheet

Kobra 310 TS document   shredder with super hard alloy cutter structure, no wear when cutting metal ; The cutter set is designed with high precision that allows the material to be cut with high speed but very low power consumption; motor operates continuously for 24 hours. KOBRA 310 TS has a 135-liter compartment, cancels even transparent document covers !!!

The Kobra 310 TS CC4 is a cross-cut departmental shredder which is designed for high-volume shredding. Its high-end cutting blades are capable of cutting papers, CDs, DVDs and credit cards. The high precision design of cutting blades allows efficient shredding of paper-clips and staples. With security level 4, it leaves the material completely useless by shredding in 3/16”x1-1/2” pieces.

The Kobra 310 TS CC4 has a very ergonomic and user-friendly design. It has an easy-to-use touch screen control panel incorporating all the controls. The shredder incorporates a very sophisticated mechanism of showing the load requirement. It has an electronic power control, which shows the exact load requirements, following which users can prevent events of paper-jam. In case the paper-jam occurs, there is an automatic reverse system which automatically releases the over-fed material.

The Kobra 310 TS CC4 is designed to be a power saving shredder. It incorporates a power saving system which switches the shredder to stand-by mode if it is not used for 8 seconds. If the shredder is inactive for hours, it disconnects itself from the main power supply. This system allows shredder to conserve a significant amount of energy. It is quite easy to maintain and can be fitted with an automatic oiling system to avoid the hassle of manual oiling. The shredder is perfectly suitable for the offices and departments having high-volume shredding needs.

  • SUPER POTENTIAL POWER UNIT : stainless steel transmission.
  • CONTINUOUS DUTY : continuous operation 24 hours without rest.
  • ENERGY SMART® power saving system : the device will automatically leave after 8 seconds and turn off the computer after 4 hours if not working.
  • TOUCH SCREEN : modern design with touch keypad and notification LED.
  • KOBRA 310 TS Shreds Transparent material:  cancels both transparent documents by pressing the Forward key.
  • START & STOP Automatic machine operating when documents are available.
  • SAFETY STOP The machine automatically stops when the door is open
  • AUTOMATIC REVERSE: The machine automatically returns when detecting pin clamps or paper jams.
Kobra 245 TS S4 Super Fast

KOBRA 310 TS-AF C4 Office Paper Shredder.  The 310 TS-AF has a touch screen and auto-feed tray that holds 170 sheets.  The shred size classifies as security level 4 shredder but it comes with 3 shred areas designed for three specific functions.

1) The standard opening has a feed opening of 12.2” allowing the 310 TS-AF C4 to shred 31 sheets of paper into 3/16″ x 1 1/2” cross-cut particles.

2) The auto feed slot can shred 170 sheets of paper without the need to stand and feed the paper a little at a time.  This frees up valuable productive time for the user.

3) The KOBRA 310 TS-AF C4  also has a slot dedicated to destroying CD’s/DVD’s and credit cards with a separate set of knives dedicated to this purpose. The Korbra 310 TS-AF C4 also has two distinct bags for separating paper shreds from the plastic shreds. The Knives of 310 TS-AF C4 shredder is carbon hardened and will deliver high shred loads  with minimum use of power.


Model 310 TS CC4
Sheet Capacity up to 31
Shred Size (Paper) 3/16″ x 1 1/2″
Security Level 4
Throat Width 12.2″
Bin Size 36 Gallon
Can Shred Papers, Paper Clips, Staples, Credit Cards, CDs/DVDs
Dimensions (W*D*H) 21.2″ x 17.2″ x 38.4″
Weight 121 lbs
Shredder Speed 17 ft./min.
Noise Level 58 dba
Power 1.5 HP
Voltage 115/60 V/Hz
Noise level 58 dba
Paper cut type
Model SS4
Level 2
Level 2
Level 4
Level 3
Level 5
Level 6
Paper slot width 310mm
Noise level 58 dba
Chamber capacity 135 liters
Voltage 230V / 50-60Hz
Capacity 2 x 460W
Size and weight 53 x 43 x 96 cm / 56kg (paper feeder tray: 59kg)




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