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Kobra Energy Saver Shedder 260 TSC4


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Kobra Energy Saver Shedder 260 TSC4

The Kobra 260 TS C4 is a cross-cut shredder which is designed for shredding a variety of media such as papers, CDs, DVDs and credit cards. With security level 3, the shredder quickly shreds the material into 3/16×1 1/2″ particles. Due to its secure shredding, it is perfectly suited for the organizations where data security is a critical issue. It shreds with the speed of 24 sheets per pass which enables it to shred 1000 sheets daily. The 10.25 inches feed size is pretty much to accept papers and documents of standard sizes. It has two separate sets of cutting blades for cuttings papers and CDs/DVDs. Its cutting blades are especially hardened so as not to get damaged by paper-clips or staple pins.

The Kobra 260 TS C4 comes with a touch-screen control panel which enables users to operate it without any special training. With a touch of a finger, users can access all its functions. It is equipped with the load monitoring mechanism which guides the users about the load at which the shredder operates smoothly without any risk of paper-jam. The shredder automatically turns to automatic reverse mode if it is over-fed with shredding material. It is equipped with two waste bins for separate collection of paper waste and CDs/DVDs waste. The waste bin has the capacity of 16 Gallon which is quite acceptable for high-volume shredding.

The shredder is made energy smart with a special energy saving mechanism. When idle for 8 seconds, it shifts to the energy saving mode. Similarly, it disconnects itself from main power if it is not used for hours. This way, it conserves a lot of energy. Being user-friendly, the shredder is quite easy to maintain. It can be attached to an automatic oiling system to avoid the hassle of manual oiling.




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2 in stock