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Kobra Energy Saver Multi Purpose Shedder 22 Sheet


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Kobra Energy Saver Multi Purpose Shedder 22 Sheet

Kobra 240 SS5 is a multimedia strip cut office shredder. It is a level 2 security shredder that can shred paper, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, credit cards, paper clips, and staples. It has a high sheet capacity of up to 30 sheets at a time, and it can shred 3 credit cards at once! The Kobra 240 SS5 shredder’s waste bin comes with a special mechanism that separates paper shred from plastic shred. It doesn’t need plastic bag; saving you money.

The Kobra 240 SS5 strip cut office shredder features an ‘Energy Smart’ Power Management system. This system saves energy as it places the shredder in stand-by mode. This strip cut office shredder is environmental friendly, and uses optical illuminated indicators to indicate stand-by mode. You’ll benefit by having low utility bills.

The Kobra 240 SS5 office shredder is a smart shredder that saves you space. This saved space can be utilized smartly to have something else in place.




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1 in stock