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Evolis Ribbon YMCKO 200 Prints Zenius -R5F002EAA


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Evolis R5F002EAA Zenius YMCKO Colour Printer Ribbon

Prints per ribbon:  200

Manufacturer part number:  R5F002EAA

This ribbon is compatible with the following printers:  Evolis Zenius, Edikio Access and Edikio Duplex

Please ensure that you are purchasing the correct ribbon for your printer.  Please note that this ribbon may not be compatible with a printer purchased outside of the EU due to region restrictions – if you are unsure, please check before purchase.

About the Evolis R5F002EAA Zenius YMCKO Colour Printer Ribbon

The YMCKO ribbon comprises Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black and Overlay panels.

The colour panels create detailed and bright images including photos

The black resin panel is ideal for fine print personalisation including barcodes

The overlay panel seals the card with a clear protective layer to prevent fading and day to day wear and tear

The YMC panels combine to print in full colour and the black resin panel is suitable for printing of black text and readable barcodes and the overlay panel provides some protection from fading and scratching.

Please note that this ribbon has replaced R5F001EAA (100 print) as this ribbon is now obsolete.

If you’re at all unsure as to which ribbons you need for your specific print job please do get in touch.  You may also find this guide helpful.

To maximise the quality and durability of your printed card, the lifespan of the printhead and the overall printer reliability, always use Evolis High Trust® ribbons.  At ID Card Centre we only sell genuine ribbons!

It is also worth noting that printer ribbons typically have a shelf life of one year, when stored in the correct conditions (cool, dry and out of direct sunlight).  Ribbons that are older or improperly stored are likely to cause problems such as ripping, imperfect printing and jamming the printer.




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50 in stock