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Evolis Red Monochrome Ribbon 1000 Cards/Roll-R2013


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Evolis Red Monochrome Ribbon 1000 Cards/Roll-R2013

When you need the highest quality output possible from your Evolis Pebble,
Dualys, Quantum or Securion it will come to no surprise that Evolis has a
printer ribbon for to suit your needs.

With a 1000 cards per roll
capability, the Evolis Red Ribbon offers a very low cost per ID card
and some of the most durable, high resolution images and vivid text and
barcodes around.

By using genuine Evolis ribbons, you’ll save time and money, thanks to Evolis’ easy load design that actually extends the life of your print head by protecting it from wear and tear.

For use with:

Storage Time: Unopened: 1 year, After opening: 6 months.

Storage Temperature: 5-35°C / 41-95°F at 30-80% humidity.

Store in a dark place, avoiding dust, direct sunlight, high humidity and high temperatures. Do not place these products near solvents or other chemicals.





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15 in stock