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Dymo Rh Ny 19mm 35 Wht 18759/18489


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Dymo Rh Ny 19mm 35 Wht 18759/18489

FLEXIBLE NYLON TAPE is specifically designed for wire and cable marking. It has excellent adhesion to flat and curved surfaces, even textured or powdered surfaces, and is resistant to heat and UV. Not suitable where the label may come into contact with water, oils or solvents (consider Vinyl or Polyester).

Brand:  Dymo Rhino
Part No:  S0718120
Material:  Flexible Nylon
Colour:  White
Tape Width:  19mm
Adhesive:  Permanent
Also known as:  18759, 18489


A strong adhesion and a flexible nylon material makes this tape the ideal solution for wire and cable marking even in environments where oil and dirt are present.



7 in stock