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Casio Label Printer KL-P350W Comp Cntvty


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Casio Label Printer KL-P350W Comp Cntvty

A handy addition to offices, schools, factories, and hospitals

Prints any language

  • Office
  • School
  • Hospital
  • Factory

Fast, easy printing of labels useful for organizing and managing things

It’s simple to print labels useful for a variety of applications, including filing, asset management, and attention notices. Insert QR codes or barcodes.

Space-saving design for desktop use

Choose horizontal or vertical setup according to the space available. The compact printer is always available to create labels when needed.

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal

Simple operation for quick and easy label creation


Create original labels or print pre-designed labels simply by choosing from a variety of pre-loaded label samples.

Freestyle creation

You can freely create original labels.

Choosing labels by scene

Label samples are searchable by setting.

Choosing labels by category

Samples are searchable by category. A wide variety of label samples is available.

Convenient printer keys for one-touch printing

Memory print

One-touch printing of pre-registered label data is useful for printing frequently used labels.



One-touch reprinting of the previously printed content is convenient when you want to replace an existing label.




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8 in stock