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Zebra ZXP7 1Mil Bottom Lam World Globe750 Imag


Zebra i Series 1 mil Smart Card Laminate – 625 Prints.

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Zebra ZXP7 1Mil Bottom Lam World Globe750 Image

Prints per roll: 750 images

Manufacturer Part Number:  800086-007

ID Card Centre Product Code:  44-3499

Includes: Printer Ribbon and 2 Cleaning Kits

This ribbon is compatible with the following printers: Zebra ZXP Series 7

Please ensure that you are purchasing the correct ribbon for your printer. Please note that this ribbon may not be compatible with a printer purchased outside of the EU due to region restrictions – if you are unsure, please check before purchase.

About the Zebra ZXP Series 7 “Globe” Design Bottom Hologram Laminate Printer Ribbon 

The laminate protects your cards to prevent wear and tear, and the hologram design adds an additional layer of security to prevent cards from being copied. This ribbon applies the laminate and hologram to the bottom of the card.  Please note that your printer must have laminating functionality to be able to use the laminating and hologram ribbon.

All ribbon kits come with 2 cleaning rollers to ensure optimal daily printing.  Zebra recommends cleaning your printer after each ribbon change.


Always use genuine Zebra ribbons to maximise the quality and durability of your printed card, the lifespan of the printhead, and the overall printer reliability. At ID Card Centre, we only sell genuine ribbons!

It is also worth noting that printer ribbons typically have a shelf life of one year when stored in the correct conditions (cool, dry and out of direct sunlight). Ribbons that are older or improperly stored are likely to cause problems such as ripping, imperfect printing and jamming the printer.



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