The Fargo 84900 standard clear film is only compatible with the HDP6600 card printer and adds a layer of laminate protection to your customer’s cards, increasing durability against everyday abrasions. The design is printed onto the film which is then thermally bonded to the card, creating high-quality results. Please note, the 84900 film is to be used in conjunction with the Fargo 84911 YMCK colour ribbon.

HDP Film is required for printing cards with FARGO HDP6600 high speed printers.

HDP printers use a retransfer print process that printers your card image to the underside of HDP film. The film is then applied to the surface of the card, “sandwiching” the image between the film and the card. Fargo card printers require specialized Fargo HDP film to function properly, to maximize printed card quality and printer durability.