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Fargo Thermal Overlaminate -500 prints-Globe 82226


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Fargo 82226 Thermal Transfer Overlaminate Globe Holographic Overlay 500 Prints per roll:

Fargo 82226 Laminate Overview:
Fargo 82226 Lamination (also referred to as overlamination) provides a layer of protection over your printed cards, making them more durable and providing protection from wear and fading.

The holographic design of Fargo 82226 lamination is embedded in the overlaminate and secures your cards by protecting them from tampering and counterfeiting.

A printer with lamination capability is needed in order to use Fargo 82226 overlamination.

Fargo card printers require specialized Fargo overlaminate to function properly. To maximize printed card quality and printer durability, use only genuine Fargo overlaminate.
Fargo 82226 ribbons have a shelf life?
When stored under proper conditions, Fargo 82226 laminate ribbons typically have a shelf life of up to one year. Ribbons that are more than a year old, and improperly stored, will not print optimally and will likely end up costing more money and time in maintenance and in reprinting cards.
Manufacturer and item#: Fargo 82226
High resolution Globe design holographic thermal transfer overlaminate
“Secure” micro-text
0.25 mil thick
500 imprints
For use in the following Fargo printers:
DTC500 series: DTC515-LC & DTC525-LC
Cheetah II
Persona II
Unless otherwise noted
Fargo’s PolyGuard lamination material is a secure, tamper-resistant overlaminate.

Overlaminates are also available with your own custom patterns, logos and/or security features.



10 in stock