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Evolis R5H004NAA


Evolis Half Panel YMCKO ribbon cassette – R5H004NAA.

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Evolis Half Panel YMCKO ribbon cassette – R5H004NAAL:

Color ribbon 5 panels: Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black and Overlay
Number of prints per roll: up to 400
Printers concerned: Zenius, Primacy, Elypso, Primacy Lamination, KC200 – KC200B


5 panels color ribbon – R5H004NAA
The half panel color ribbon is suitable for identification cards featuring a color ID photograph and some black resine printings (for text, logo or barcode).

In many cases, this ribbon is used on blank plastic cards but also on pre-printed plastic cards. The main applications are student ID cards, transportation ID badges, employee ID badges, club membership cards, and driver’s licenses.



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