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DYMO-1540 embosser


DYMO 1540 Embossing Label Maker.


DYMO 1540 Embossing Label Maker:

Part No: S0720010;
Interchangeable wheels for both horizontal and vertical printing
Affordable, durable and easy to use – no power source needed
Automatically cuts labels with easy-to-peel tabs. Dymo 1540 (Office Mate II) label maker – uses 3/8″ (0.95 cm) and 1/2″ (1.3 cm) tapes.

Technical Specifications:

Features & Benefits
• Prints on all 9 mm wide vinyl DYMO embossing tapes (available in 4 colours) of any length or in any cassette.
• Body in sturdy ABS, forward/reverse tape transportation knob
• Incorporated tab-cutting for easy removal of the protective tape-backing
• White 5,1 mm high horizontal printing, 4,1 mm high vertical printing
• Easy cassette-loading
• No batteries required
• Text can be centered on the label by the use of the start/stop marks
• Instruction manual included
• dimensions 240 x 90 X 80 mm
• Weight: 175 g